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PHP Frameworks

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Hybrid Technology

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  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Sencha Touch
  • PhoneGap

Mobile Retail Technology

Delivering a joined up retail experience

Red Ant are experts in developing mobile enterprise technology for retailers, enabling them to deliver a joined-up digital experience.

  • Delivering a seamless shopping experience with the customer at its heart
  • Improving internal communication and empowering employees
  • Converging core business areas to deliver unified operational performance

Mobile commerce apps

Engaging customer focused enterprise retail apps, integrated with leading commerce platforms including a multi-brand mobile platform app suite.
Enterprise mCommerce apps which enhance user experience and increase sales
We build award-winning mobile retail apps designed with the customer at heart:

  • Best-in-class UI design and functionality maximising customers purchase goals easily.
  • Apps are integrated with leading commerce platforms including a multi-brand mobile platform app suite.
  • Customer engagement features such as social sharing, wish lists and in-store enhancements such as micro-location (iBeacons, Barcode, QR codes).

Red Ant mobile retail apps – key features:


  • Feature-rich development across all smartphone operating systems to offer a superior experience – fully transactional with offline-optimised catalogues, stock and inventory management, event and location based interactive content and promotions.
  • Unique, multi-platform and device-specific features to enhance user journey and purchase, including access to exclusive content and deals, and enhanced in-store experiences.
  • Zero touch integration, ensures you don’t need to devote internal development resources to rollouts and updates.


  • Functionality is task-based and focused on enabling customers to achieve purchase goals
  • Value-added features include barcode scanning, micro-location and seamless integration with a wide range of in-store technologies.
  • Designed to work with existing commerce platforms.


  • Customer centric design, using principles of native interface kit, with branded key elements to improve user uptake and approval/promotion in app marketplaces.
  • Cutting-edge mobile design techniques to enhance the content and provide an unprecedented level of engagement, personalisation and interaction.
  • Close consultation over brand image and values to develop an engaging mobile presence.

Mobile retail commerce apps – key benefits

For customers

  • Apps designed specifically to enable them to achieve tasks and make purchases.
  • Access to exclusive content, product information, deals and offers.
  • Ability to share the shopping experience socially including product reviews and recommendations.

For retailers

  • Increased commercial opportunities which take advantage of inherent mobile user behaviour
  • Improved sales and promotional opportunities via increased consumer touchpoints and mobile-specific branded content, including location- and event-based initiatives.
  • Swift integration with existing commerce platforms allowing for rapid implementation of a profit-enhancing mobile solution.

Operational Mobile Apps

User centric design focused approach and integration with legacy systems to create apps and SDKs that converge business silos and deliver performance and operational efficiencies.
Improving effeciency for user based tasks
Our user-centred operational apps enable businesses to work more efficiently across departments and core functions:

  • Productivity apps – Task-based, allowing users to work smarter and share progress
  • Dashboard apps – Able to fully integrate with legacy systems and cross-department data and performance information allows all functions (Logistics, HR, Purchasing, Operations, IT) to monitor activity and improve processes
  • SDK frameworks for internal developers to build quality standards based apps

Operational mobile apps – key benefits

For users

  • SDK framework provides robust platform for internal developers
  • Apps provide them with tools to increase productivity and remove manual steps in processes
  • Apps to access information they need to enable them to work more efficiently
  • Real-time data allows for more accurate performance monitoring

For retailers

  • Improved operational and process efficiencies with a whole-of-business view
  • Swift integration with legacy systems, allowing for rapid implementation of a business-enhancing mobile solution

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