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Real-Time Data Analytics Services, Solutions, And Consulting

Real-time and Stream Processing analytics platform and Tools

Real Time Analytics Services and Solutions


Streaming and Real Time Analytics Services

Dynamic Methods gives analytics Services and Solutions to Real-time and Stream Data Ingestion, processing, and analysing the data streams rapidly and proficiently for the Internet of Things, Monitoring, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. Real-Time Big Data Analytics Services for Enterprises includes underneath services for enabling real-time decision making, clickstream analytics, fraud detection, Personalized User Experience, and recommendations

  • Real Time Data Ingestion and Processing
  • Batch and Real Time Analytics Pipeline
  • Scalable Analytics on Cloud
  • Data Lake Management and Implementation
  • Data Warehousing
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What we do in Real-Time Data Analytics

Real-Time Big Data Analytics and Processing Solutions for Enterprises

Data Ingestion Platform using Apache Nifi

Dynamic Methods Data Ingestion platform helps enterprises to process and appropriate real-time day across several different platforms for further actions.

Real-Time Streaming Analytics Tools

Our Modern Data Integration Solutions enables the enterprises to use Big Data Platform with Microservices Architecture utilizing Docker and Kubernetes. Streaming and Real-Time Data Analytics with Microservices Architecture for the Internet of Things using Apache Spark, Apache Hive and Apache Hadoop.

Big Data Analytics Platform

Dynamic Methods Big Data Analytics Solutions enables enterprises to Host On-Premises/Public Self Service Presto/Hive Cluster and can enable queries direct on S3/HDFS/GlusterFS. Big Data Analytics Solution builds Analytics Cloud with Machine learning Capabilities and Graph Database Processing with Apache Spark and Apache Flink.

Modern Data Warehousing Solutions

We provide Big Data Warehousing and Enterprise Data Lake solutions for Batch and Real-Time Data. Enterprises can Build, Deploy Data lake On-Premises, Hybrid Cloud, Apache Mesos, Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery, and Public Cloud. Dynamic Methods Data Warehousing and Data Lake Solution enables the Monitoring as well as the Visibility of the Data Flow.

Data Analytics Solution for Stream and Real-Time Processing
  • Data Analytics Platform with Apache Spark, Apache Flink and Apache Beam for Real-Time and Stream Analytics
  • Data Integration from any Sources
  • Processing Engine – Streaming, Real Time and Self Service Streaming Analytics
  • Large Scale Data Processing, Kappa, Lambda architecture
  • Visibility and Monitoring across the Data Pipeline
  • Deploy Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms on Large Dataset
  • Deployment of Stream Analytics Solutions on Multi-Cloud