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Blockchain Development Services

Enterprise Ready Blockchain Services for Enabling Fast and Efficient Transactions, Transparent Trades which helps in building trust with clients, Secure Architecture, and Cost-Effective Solutions. Dynamic Methods offers Blockchain solutions for every leading industry – Blockchain for Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom, Supply Chain, and Retail. Blockchain Solutions offering –

  • Blockchain Services for Cloud
  • Blockchain Design Solutions
  • Blockchain-Based Distributed Application Development (DApp)
  • Blockchain Strategy and Consulting
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Blockchain Adoption by Industry

Custom Blockchain Development Services for Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, and Retail Industries

Blockchain in Finance and Banking

Most organizations use centralized database systems for operations and money administration which can lead to increased chances of fraudulent exercises. The Reason behind the centralized database system’s failure is they are vulnerable and profoundly inclined to cyber attacks as they only have a single point of failure. Since Blockchain is distributed, there is no prospect of a single point of failure. Each transaction is stored in the form of a block with a cryptographic mechanism that is hard to corrupt. Blockchain can also enable these records in the way for smart assets which get updated in Real-Time.

Blockchain in Insurance

Blockchain has the potential to eliminate errors and identify fraudulent activity by creating a platform that enables clients to securely manage their own validated data. Blockchain also helps to develop digital identity procedures in which the data cannot be intercepted or viewed without the user’s permission. Insurers can also make the claims process faster, less expensive, more transparent, and potentially more accurate by enabling Blockchain with claims processes which further improves the customer experience.

Blockchain in Healthcare

The blockchain is transforming the healthcare Industry by Introducing solutions for Data Provenance and Integrity, Drug Traceability, and Patient Data Management. Blockchain-based solution offering for developing a Secure information-sharing platform which is critical for ensuring proper medical services and data integrity. Services for Patient Data Management which support patients to share their medical documents with third parties with no difficulty.

Blockchain in Retail

Blockchain has reformed the Retail Industry with solutions for Smart Inventory Management, Product Authenticity, Data Reliant Consumer Loyalty Schemes, and Secured Transactions. Keen Loyalty Programs catches, stores and validates customer specifications and behavior for more personalized targeting. Blockchain helps in tracing shipments that enable manufacturers and retailers to distinguish products that are hazardous or contain defective parts and in this way issue-specific recalls.

Blockchain in Telecom

Blockchain has transformed Telecom Industry by providing solutions to Telco Providers which involves solutions for International wallets for decreasing the operating costs for the user, reducing Transaction charges by enabling a micropayment-based platform for digital assets. Blockchain also helps to enable the concept of eSim which enables users to create a unique virtual identity that is encrypted and kept on a Blockchain. Blockchain can solve the increasing Demand for OSS/BSS (Operations Support Systems/Business Support Systems).

Blockchain in Supply Chain

The blockchain is changing the Supply Chain Industry by Introducing Real-Time Digital Ledger which helps to track transactions and movements for all participants. Using Smart Contracts, we can confirm delivery from a logistics carrier which will instantly trigger automated digital invoicing and payments through the banking operation.